A Medical Mission in Global Outreach

Our History

The idea for AMMIGO: A Medical Mission in Global Outreach began over a decade ago when Ann Woodward and Charlene Ryan began organizing surgical mission trips to Honduras. These trips were made possible, then as now, by donations - both monetary and in-kind - from volunteers and supporters who gave their own time and resources. It was with the help and guidance of very talented and caring individuals that the passion and vision began to coalesce to create a non-profit organization that could provide structure and support for those who need it most. As funding and resources grew from our network of volunteers and financial donors, this idea was able to evolve in its scope and expand its numbers to the team of dedicated and loyal, volunteers and supporters, who are now known as, and proudly call themselves, AMMIGOS. This commitment to social responsibility established AMMIGO.

Who We Are

Since our inception, we, at AMMIGO, strive to make a positive impact in the lives of the people and the communities in which we operate. Our volunteers bring their medical expertise to those who could not otherwise access much needed professional care. Currently, we travel to Latin America two to three times per year providing surgical care; however, as we grow, so too will our trips and the regions in which we operate. We love what we do, and we endeavor to expand our outreach capabilities to include access to primary care, well-visits, education, and to one day even build a hospital in Honduras. It is with empathy and a common thread of compassion that unites ammigo -our volunteers and our network of donors - and allows us make a real difference. Together, we are changing lives with every trip.

How We Are Funded

We are a non-profit organization that relies on monetary and in-kind donations. Monetary donations help off-set the costs of leading our mission trips, including transportation, room and board, meals and security. In-kind donations (from individuals, hospitals and corporations) provide all forms of surgical and operational supplies, including everything from medications and surgical instruments, to computers and paper. Your contribution of any amount helps us continue – and increase – our commitment to bring care to our less fortunate neighbors.

Our Mission Teams

Our twice-yearly missions usually consist of a team of 10-20 volunteers. A typical mission team includes surgeons, nurses, anesthetists, students, surgical residents and non-medical members. These volunteers hail from health care organizations all over metro Detroit who believe in AMMIGO’s mission and work. AMMIGO’s goal is to raise the appropriate funds to off-set the costs of bringing these talented and committed individuals on these important trips.